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    Section 1
      What is Java?
      What is the Object class?
      Can you cite methods from the Object class?
      What differences between String and char[]?
      How do you the sum the elements of an array?
      What is the JVM?
      How can you sort an array?
      What is the main characteristic of the String class?
      What is the difference between == and equals()?
      What about equals() and hashCode()?
      How can you duplicate an array?
      How can you reverse a String?
      What is a functional interface?
      Difference between overriding and overloading?

    Section 2
      What is a Map?
      What is an ArrayList?
      Explain finally
      How to make a class immutable?
      Difference between String, StringBuffer, and String Builder
      How to create a Singleton?
      What is a static method?
      How can you find a character in a String?
      What is a method reference?
      What is a default method?
      What is a JIT?
      What kind of method can you override?
      What is the signature of a method?
      What is a marker interface?
      What is the difference between Collection and a Set?
      How does finalize() work?
      What were the main features of Java 8?
      Do Streams and Collections have common methods?
      How can you tell that a String is an anagram of another String?
      On what kind of source can you build a stream?
      What is a groupingBy()?
      What is the difference between FIFO and LIFO?

    Section 3
      What is the GoF?
      How can you create a Comparator?
      Can you cite functional interfaces from before Java 8?
      How can you open a file for writing text?
      Difference between a sorted and an ordered collection?
      How can you open a file for reading binary data?
      How can you print an array on the console?
      How does a SortedSet work?
      What pattern has been used to create the Java I/O API?
      What are the different categories of design patterns?
      How can you count how many time a letter appears in a String?
      What is a bucket in a Map?
      What does synchronized mean?
      What is the difference between a Collection and a Stream?
      What is the difference between File and Path?
      What difference between a checked and an unchecked Exception?
      What is a Stream?
      What is the hash code of an object?
      What is an ExecutorService?
      What is an Iterator?
      What are the four Java I/O base classes?
      How many objects can you put in a Collection?
      What is the maximum length of a String in Java?
      How does a Set knows that it already contains an element?
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    Section 4
      How is Arrays.asList() working?
      Can you cite some methods from the Stream API?
      What is the var keyword in Java?
      How can you create an unmodifiable list?
      How can you start a Thread?
      How can you create a File with Java I/O?
      What is the class named Class?
      How can you find duplicates in a list?
      What is a sealed type in Java?
      How is List.of() working?

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