How to use Qramaank?

We have made using Qramaank as easy as possible. The guide is split into two sections: a general guide and specific website additions.

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What is Qramaank?

Qramaank ( pronounced "kra•maa•nk" - क्रमांक) is an open collaboration platform driven by the community to create and share Qurations.

Quration is an organized collection of REUSED content from various sources on the internet, such as YouTube, GitHub, Spotify, Google Docs, Sheets, slides, and many more.

Qramaank aims to empowers people to Rethink, Reuse and Reorganize the internet according to their preferences.

Some Terminologies

  • Qurations: Organized Collection, Group or Course of various websites content.
  • Item/Chapter: Individual pieces of content within a Quration. For example, a YouTube video, Google Doc, Github Gist, etc.
  • Section: A single grouping of Items.
  • Subscribe: Subscribing to a Quration adds it to your enrolled Qurations and can be accessed from the "My Subscriptions" page.
  • Clone: Cloning or copying another user's Quration allows you to make it your own and customize it as desired, similar to forking on GitHub.

Viewing Qurations

When you open a Quration, you will be directed to its description page. Here, you can find metadata such as the title, subtitle, creation/update date, creator information, and actions like cloning or subscribing (if you are logged in).

You can click on the Start button to go to the contents and consume it in an orderly fashion (ordered by the creator).

You can navigate the items via the Next and Previous buttons at the bottom bar or by directly selecting an item from the right sidebar. You can also hide/show the content sidebar with the Index button.

In the bottom-left corner, you will find the menu button, which provides options to return to the home or info page of the Quration. If you own the content, you will see an Edit or Clone option if you are not the creator (only available when logged in).

Create a Quration - Video

You can see how it is created in this small video tutorial for Bulk Content Edit.

Create a Quration

Create Page

  1. To start creating the Quration, you must be logged in.
  2. Click on the Create button at the top-right corner (header bar)
  3. The Create page is divided into two parts:
  4. Quration Info
  5. Quration Content
  6. Quration Info is where you will be putting meta-data about the Quration, such as Title, subtitle, tags, description, thumbnail.
  7. Quration Content is to put the actual content you will see such as YouTube video, GitHub Files, Slide-Share etc.

Quration Info

  1. The form fields are pretty self-explanatory, you have to put the data about your content.
  2. Enter title, subtitle, and description to provide info about your Quraiton.
  3. Tags are there to put them in a specific bucket. You can select up to 3 tags.
  4. You can also provide a thumbnail for the quration. This will give a nice touch.
  5. Currently, we only support images from Unsplash.
  6. Click on the Select Thumbnail from Unsplash.
  7. Search and click on the image you want to put in as a thumbnail.
  8. You will automatically see the thumbnail now updated in the placeholder.
  9. Now, Click on the Quration Content to edit the content

Quration Content

  1. You can click on the info to read more about how you can edit the content.
  2. The actual content has a hierarchy.
  3. Top Level Quration > Section > Chapters/Items
  4. Each box on the page is a section.
  5. you can change the section name with the text box. Default is the Section <Section-Number>.
  6. Now for the items, you have two options
  7. Normal Mode: (Recommended) simple Table format editor.
  8. Bulk Edit Mode: To edit in Bulk and faster move around the Item Data.

Normal Edit Mode

  1. The table has 4 columns with # being the index, Title textbox for the title, URL/LINK is where you can put the actual URL of the content, and action buttons.
  2. Click on Add New Chapter to add a new row to the table.
  3. In the URL textbox, you can directly put URLs of the content. Please see at the bottom for supported content.
  4. Only in the normal mode, you can put Script or Iframe tags and we will extract the URL.
  5. Click on Preview icon in Action column to see if it is rendering properly.
  6. if you want to delete the current row, click on the delete button in the Action column.
  7. If you want to edit much faster, you can go for the Bulk mode, where it's a normal text edit.

Bulk Edit Mode

  1. Each new line represents a single item or chapter.
  2. A line is divided into two parts with the | (pipe symbol, for most keyboard it is Shift + \).
  3. The first part on the line will the title. Such as Installation of Java on Windows.
  4. The second part would be the actual link of the supported content. Such as YouTube.
  5. So the data you will put in would be
  6. Installation of Java on Windows |
  7. Now you can do similarly for the rest of the content.
  8. If your title contains the | symbol, then it considers the last | as a separator, so you can add them without issue.
  9. Unsupported or Wrong link would be highlighted as soon as you put them. (not individually, but the whole textbox would be red)
  10. You can add more sections using the Add New Section button.

Click on the Save button once you are done with both info and content details. If there is any mistake, it won't get submitted.

Supported Content

Thank you,
Team Qramaank

What is Qramaank?

Qramaank (kra • maa • nk - क्रमांक) is an open collaboration platform driven by community to create and share Qurations.

Quration is an organized collection of REUSED content from various sources on internet such as YouTube, GitHub, Spotify and more. Qramaank aims to let people Rethink, Reuse and Reorganize the internet according to their preferences.

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